Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Barry Malzberg: Push Your Themes to the Limit

So I've been thinking about those historical pastiches lately -- you know, like Nicholas Meyer's The Seven Percent Solution, Jack the Ripper against Sherlock Holmes and Sigmund Freud -- and I thought, wouldn't it be cool to push this as far as it can go, and have JTR & Sherlock & Freud, and Dickinson, and Lee Harvey Oswald, Oedipa Maas, and Jesus and Emma Goldman and Frankenstein's monster and Mark Twain and Jim (Huck's Jim) and Roderick Usher, and Hawthorne (who needs to make a kind of low-key, mournful pass at someone) and Boo Radley, Prospero, Elizabeth II, William Shatner, Teddy Roosevelt, and Nat Turner? And Ted Turner, and everyone else who might be interesting?
Obviously the plot will have to have somebody murdered in such a way that the entire space-time continuum, whatever that is, is in peril. Suggestions welcome.


Blogger Godzilla47 said...

it boggles the mind to think how much of a challenge casting a movie based on this idea would be...unless you could get the souls and ghosts and fictional ethers of all to play themselves.

9:39 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

Difficult to cast? Surely you jest. I think you make it like one of those C-level celeb reality shows, but they all have to dress up as each character like it's an amateur home game murder mystery dinner. No script. No sleep. Jack the Ripper = Corey Feldman; Sherlock Holmes = Jack Valenti; Oedipa Maas = Loni Anderson; Jesus = River Phoenix (talk about a career that needs resurrecting); Freud = Ed Asner; Emily Dickinson = Rosanna Arquette; Frankenstein's monster = Kirstie Alley; Lee Harvey Oswald = Michael Stipe; Emma Goldman = Monica Bellucci (substituting radical feminity for radical feminism); Mark Twain = Norman Lear; Huck's Jim, renamed as Gem = La Toya Jackson; Roderick Usher = Vincent Price's remains (with ad-branded urn); Boo Radley = Larry King (anything to get him to shut up); Prospero = David Copperfield; Elizabeth II = Sissy Spacek; William Shatner = Carmen Electra (ratings); Teddy Roosevelt = Michael Ovitz; Nat Turner = Barry Bonds and Ted Turner as himself, naturally, because someone has to get that guy his own reality show. Now.

10:06 AM  
Blogger RC said...

Anybody heard anything lately about that tech that's supposed to be able to sample/reprogram/cast great dead movie actors, so that you can really have a virtual Vincent Price or Francis the Talking Mule cast opposite Carmen Electra?

12:26 PM  

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