Sunday, March 04, 2007

In Search of .... His Own Brain

I've always liked the episode of Star Trek in which the alien woman surgically removes Spock's brain from his skull, and McCoy rigs up a remote control so he can walk Spock around, and eventually puts Spock's brain back into his head, partly pretty much winging it after the knowledge from the badass alien teaching machine wears off, and all this without shaving Leonard Nimoy's head.

What I hadn't remembered was that the babe who actually absconds with Spock's brain was wearing one of the best sixties outfits in the show, with purple crotch-high boots, and also she was smiling throughout like a charter member of the Manson Family. It looked like this:

Only now do I realize the message the show's producers were trying so desperately to convey: Hippie women will steal the brain out of your head.


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